Already That Person

August 28th, 2019 by Kelly Kienzle

The Waiting Place - great illustration from Dr. Seuss - click to see it!

“I am already that person.” This is a new phrase that I re-discovered today as I was looking at some old notes from a few years ago.  I had been talking about a change that I wanted to make in my coaching style but was getting stuck.  My coach suggested that perhaps I “already was that person” who could make that change.

Sometimes I/we get stuck because we are waiting for ourselves to make a change. We think, “I wish I was the kind of person who could…”  Or “I want to be that person who…”  And so we wait for that time in our lives when we think we will be mature enough, brave enough or perhaps just fed up enough to finally make that change.

But why wait? Why put ourselves in a waiting mode?  The Waiting Place, as Dr. Seuss accurately describes below, is a place where nothing happens.  It’s empty space where we hold our breath.

Instead, what if we shifted our mindset to be: “I don’t need to wait to be that person. I already am that person.  Let’s begin.” We sometimes forget that we already possess what we need to change what we want about ourselves.

Once I shifted my mindset to acknowledge that I already was that kind of coach who could make this change, then it was simpler to just do it. I already had what I needed.  I just needed to notice myself differently.

How about you? What are you waiting for yourself to be?  Can you imagine how you are that kind of person right now, today?  If you are that kind of person right now, then what will you do?  What action will you take?  What will you be able to commit to doing?

If you can see yourself as Already That Person, then you are leaving The Waiting Place. Welcome back to Now.

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