To support the development of you and your team, Open Circle Coaching provides facilitation and learning on the workshop topics below.  Together we will tailor these topics to fit the specific needs of your team or organization.

Using DISC Analysis to Build More Efficient Working Relationships within Your Team

Understand team members’ styles, preferences and strengths to increase efficiency and trust

If you understand how your team members prefer to work, you can increase the productivity and efficiency of your team. This workshop provides you with:

  • A DISC assessment for each team member identifying work styles and preferences for communication
  • An overview of how your DISC assessments are distributed across a 4-part scale of preferences and where are your team’s overall strengths and weaknesses
  • An understanding of how each team member prefers to work, to communicate and to be inspired

Facilitating Change When Change is Difficult

Learn how to guide your team, clients or organization through an upcoming change

We are all asked to adapt to new environments and goals almost constantly. This workshop provides you with:

  • A framework to identify the most important aspects of the change and how to inspire others to join in the change effort
  • A set of questions to ask to understand what is the greatest barrier for those involved to embrace the change
  • A means of staying focused on your long-term goal, while addressing the various bumps that happen on the road to achieving that goal

Discovering Your Leadership Style

Creating your leadership presence

Creating your leadership style is essential when you need to connect to new audiences or inspire others to a new message.  In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Leverage the appropriate characteristics of Goleman’s 6 Leadership Styles depending on the issue, your audience, and your natural strengths
  • Align your message with your root intention – – and create reminders to ensure you remain aligned with your intention throughout the meeting
  • Build rapport by talking less and listening more intently for aspirations and pain points

Using Feedforward, instead of Feedback

How to give and receive input from your team using the Feedforward Model

How do you give constructive feedback to your colleagues? How can you solicit honest feedback from them about you?  In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Re-frame your weaker skills into an actionable goal that is meaningful to you
  • Ask for input from others that supports your goals while also makes your colleagues feel valued, heard and invested in your success
  • Switch roles and offer suggestions to your colleagues that is positive, honest and forward-focused on their future success

Identifying Your Strengths and How to Leverage Them

Focusing on using our strengths makes us more energized, thus more likely to succeed

In this workshop, we will discuss how a great leader cannot be great across all themes, but instead must meet a minimum bar across the themes, with spikes of great strength in a few particular areas.  Areas of discussion will include how to:

  • Understand and leverage the 5 leadership strengths from Strengthsfinder 2.0
  • Explore how great leadership has a minimum requirement across domains, and also how each leader has a predisposition and necessity for a spike in one domain
  • Leverage the basic concepts of coaching to increase and improve your followership and the overall success of your teams and client/customers

Getting Up On the Balcony

How to separate yourself from the day-to-day tasks and see the big picture

Over 15 years ago, Ronald Heifitz wrote that a leader’s role is to “move back and forth between the balcony and the action on the stage.” A team can only remain focused and motivated if they are kept engaged on the long-term goals. Use this workshop to:

  • Learn how to view events with enough distance to be objective yet not so much that you are unengaged
  • Identify the Adaptive Challenge to frame the key issue and bring about long-lasting change
  • Act as a Stage Director by keeping your team focused on the “next horizon” goals and engaging them on how to reach those goals

Being a Coach for Your Team

Embody the qualities of a good coach to inspire your team to action

The best leaders hold the loosest reins on their team.  They give their teams freedom to dream, explore and create on their own, still within the broader goals of the organization.  Use this workshop to:

  • Open and facilitate a “conversation for possibilities” with team members that allows them to think creatively, without restriction
  • Adopt an 80/20 approach to how you listen, challenge and support your team
  • Learn Level 3 listening skills that help you hear what the person is not saying, so that you can quickly uncover the key issues

Building a Growth Mindset

Learn how to maximize the value from your setbacks so as to succeed sooner

The fastest way to success is to increase what you learn from your failures. By adopting a growth mindset, your team can learn how to be innovative, creative and think outside the box without fear. This workshops offers you how to:

  • Re-frame mistakes into roadmaps of how to succeed in the future
  • Apply the “Stockdale Paradox” so that you continue to believe in achieving your goals while also confronting the brutal facts of reality
  • Learn simple speech acts, such as adding “yet” to statements, to emphasize that failures are simply successes we have not achieved yet.

Noticing Our Stories and How to Change Them

How to increase our awareness of how we are interpreting the actions of others

Developing our self-awareness means being able to better serve our teams and our clients/customers.  Through this workshop, participants will learn skills to:

  • Understand how stories are created to make meaning in our lives and how the stories can be changed to promote personal and professional growth
  • Distinguish between an assessment and an assertion.  And how to recognize when an assessment is holding you back.
  • How to use Fundamental Attribution Error and Actor-Observer Bias to shift your perspective to put you in a place of greater potential for success

Building Trust to Strengthen Your Team

Learn how to understand what is truly important to your colleagues

We all know the importance of building trust, but finding the time to do so is challenging. This workshop offers ways to:

  • Quickly understand what is the most important concern on your team and thus what is slowing down your optimal efficiency
  • Navigate an organizational change that strengthens the trust within your team instead of weakening it
  • Lead a “mineral rights conversation” as described in “Fierce Conversations” to ensure all points of view are heard and acknowledged, in an efficient and respectful manner

Living Your Values

Discover new ways to weave your organization’s values into your workday

In this highly tailored workshop, we will discuss the interpretation of your organization’s values and how to integrate them into your workday processes and communications. Each participant will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand how each individual interprets the values and discuss what is important to them about the values
  • Build new capabilities in leveraging the values to promote the professional development of themselves and others
  • Contribute to a discussion on how to keep your values as a fundamental part of your mindset and processes throughout the year

Custom-designed Programs

Personalized and tailored for your goals

We also custom-build programs based on your specific goals and objectives for learning.  Please contact us to schedule an informal discussion of your needs.