Creating a Leaders Circle Program in your Organization

A Leaders Circle program is a series of related workshops tailored to the needs of your team or organization.  In these leadership development programs, participants gather to share their goals as well as their areas of growth.  Through the combination of facilitated workshops, group mentoring and individual coaching, leaders learn to overcome their obstacles, build a vision and create a plan of action. We also offer programs specifically designed by and for women and the unique leadership challenges they often face.

Who this Program is For

This program is for executives and managers who are ready to move their organizations forward by strengthening their leadership skills and vision.  Participants will be leaders who want to innovate themselves so as to innovate their teams.  Circles can have approximately 5-10 members each and can be grouped with leaders of similar, non-competing teams or business units.

What You Will Achieve

Upon completion of this program, you will have:

  • Learned essential skills and tools to enhance your communication and leadership style
  • Built a clearer sense of what you want to achieve for your organization and who you need to become as its leader
  • Received the guidance and suggestions of your colleagues who may have experienced challenges similar to yours
  • Supported your colleagues in reciprocal fashion to help them grow, thus strengthening your ties across the group
  • Identified what mindsets and behaviors have previously held you back and how to now modify them to better serve you
  • Constructed a clear plan of where you will take your organization, what you need to achieve this goal, and how you plan to take action

Curriculum and Materials

Leaders Circle Meetings

A robust and structured curriculum will guide our Leaders Circle meetings.  Our topics will be tailored to the needs of your organization, but can focus on such areas as:

  • Getting Up On the Balcony
  • Being a Coach for your Team
  • Defining a Vision and Engaging Others
  • Fostering Trust to Increase Efficiency
  • Creating a Mindset of Abundance
  • Building Momentum for Change Through the Flywheel Concept
  • Adopting a Growth Mindset for Lifelong Learning

Individual Coaching Sessions

  • Individual coaching sessions will be an opportunity to dive further into the content from the group sessions.  In these confidential, one-on-one settings, we will discuss how to tailor the tools and frameworks to reflect your team’s needs and interests.
  • If you request it, I will recommend readings that may give you a deeper understanding of the elements of great leadership
  • Tailored exercises and assignments will be co-created by us at the end of each coaching session to help you implement your learnings into your actual day-to-day work.
  • I will provide email support throughout the program to help you address urgent and “quick-question” issues as they arise

Frequency, Duration and Location

Leaders Circles will meet regularly for several months at a mutually convenient location.  Exact time, duration and frequency will be determined based on the needs and demands of your organization.

Individual coaching sessions will be held regularly either in conjunction with the Circle meetings or separately.  Coaching sessions may be conducted by phone or in person, according to your preference.

How this Program is Different from a Training Course

Attending a training course gives you information that is broadly applicable across the classroom.  Leaders Circle Programs and coaching are specialized to address your individual needs in your particular scenario using your personal strengths.  Coaching is by its nature the most tailored vehicle for building your leadership skills.

Please contact us to discuss what you would want a Leaders Circle Program to achieve for your organization.