Helpful Envy

April 30th, 2013 by Kelly Kienzle


Green with envy.  We often think of envy as a prickly thing that can only hurt us.  So, let me explain how someone recently used envy in a helpful way.

Consider what sort of person you always wish you were.  What characteristics of your friends or colleagues do you envy?  Do you often wish to be the person who confidently enters a room of strangers? Or do you wish to be the person who has their life fully organized?  Or perhaps simply being the person who manages to put a positive spin on bad situations at work?

Now what if you were to use that desire as your internal motivation to meet your goal?  Let’s assume you already know the steps of how to be more confident, organized or optimistic.  It’s just been the execution of those steps that has failed in the past.

For inspiration, remember that if you remain diligent, then you will finally be able to rid yourself of that envy.  You finally will get to be that type of person.  And what is more powerful than the promise of fulfilling your fantasy of your best self?

By the way, that someone was myself.  And every time I push myself to exhibit my desired traits, I feel more like the people I admire…and envy.  As I continue my practicing, the traits become more authentic and natural.

What traits have you always wanted to have?  How would it feel to claim those traits for yourself?  Now, go use your envy in a helpful way.  Because motivation is really just envy without its thorns.

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