Coaching needs to be experienced to be fully understood. Every coaching relationship and every coaching session is tailored to you and your current needs. So, experience it for yourself to determine how valuable it would be for you, personally.

You may complete this contact form to schedule a complimentary 30 or 60 minute coaching session with me.  You will not be pressured to do more, unless you truly want to do so.  I deeply believe that coaching is only successful if you enter into it with enthusiasm and vigor.

I look forward to hearing from you and making good use of our time together.

“The hour that you and I shared on the phone was the most important thing I did last week. Your well thought out questions helped me to uncover three areas that I needed to address and I was excited to do so because I knew that it was going to help alleviate a small but growing hurdle in the relationship with my colleague. Our session together couldn’t have come at a better time!”

— President, executive search company

“I had a coaching session with Kelly and it was very powerful. With just one session, she helped me understand and untangle really important issues that I had been wrestling with for months.  And she helped me come up with a very sensible and doable action plan to get me back on track. I highly recommend working with Kelly.”

— Anna Novaes, Manager of Partner Learning, McKinsey & Co.

“Kelly is a thoughtful listener who asks great questions.  She helped me to use my imagination to set personal priorities and make connections that hadn’t occurred to me.  Kelly has given me new tools to help separate the important things in life from the urgent.”

– Senior Research Analyst, research and strategy consultancy