If we hold a prism in the light, a display of shapes and colors appears.  If we then shift the prism, even slightly, suddenly a new array of shapes and colors appears.  I am committed to a coaching relationship that supports you to explore how you will shift the prism to produce a new array of possible solutions.

Coaching Services

The following services can be included in your Coaching Package. Please click to view a description of each service.

One-on-one Coaching Sessions

A confidential coaching session is a focused time to concentrate wholly on yourself and the role you play in your organization.  We will explore how to achieve your goals in a safe environment where we can test answers until we uncover the strategy, mindset, or emotion that you want to hold.  We will find a practice by which you can incorporate that mindset into your everyday life and your company’s culture.  Together, we will find your place of greatest potential from which you can direct your decisions and actions.  These moves will happen fluidly, not necessarily in this order, and will manifest themselves in big and/or small changes in your everyday life.

As the coach, I will both support and challenge you during our coaching relationship.  Specifically, I will:

  • Be committed to your learning
  • Adapt my resources and tools to meet your needs and interests
  • Ensure you are heard and understood during our sessions
  • Be a trusted advisor who will challenge your old beliefs and help inspire new ones
  • Search for and deliver additional resources tailored to your evolving needs
  • Track overall progress on your development plan
  • Assign homework including self-observation exercises, journal assignments and reading for you to complete between our sessions.  These assignments will be jointly discussed and adapted to fit within the demands of your schedule.

360-degree Feedback Interviews

Receiving feedback from your colleagues regarding how they perceive you is a key element to identifying your development goals.  The process is as follows:

  • I will conduct a series of interviews with people who report to you and to whom you report.  In a confidential setting, I will ask them questions pertinent to your personal aspirations and overall team goals.
  • I will ask follow-up questions when verbal or physical cues indicate a deeper issue may exist.
  • I will synthesize the results of these interviews into an overall assessment of your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • We will then weave these findings into your overall development plan to ensure you are aligned with the vision and goals of your team and your organization.
  • Following the close of our coaching relationship, I will return to your organization 6-9 months later to perform another round of 360-degree Feedback Interviews to determine how your colleagues now perceive you and evaluate the progress you have made.

Assessment Surveys

Before any of us take on new challenges, we must clearly understand how we perceive ourselves.  To determine our strengths, as well as what derails us, we will use various self-assessment tests, selected based on your goals.  These surveys could include:

  • StrengthFinders 2.0 Survey©
  • ESCI Learning Styles©
  • DiSC Assessment Survey©
  • TruValues Assessment Test©
  • Wheel of Life Exercise
  • Management Competencies Wheel
  • Future Self Exercise
  • 5 Saboteurs Survey©

Observed Leadership Meeting

I will attend a meeting at your organization to observe your leadership presence, communication style, body language and interpersonal skills.   Together we will identify areas for improvement and incorporate them into the overall coaching objectives.

Recommended Reading List

A personalized reading list will be created for you aligned with your goals and interests.  These readings will span the fields of adult development, team leadership, vision-setting, communications, psychology, time management and other personally relevant topics.

Additional Services (no charge)

  • Prior to launching our coaching relationship, we can have an initial phone conversation to confirm our compatibility and whether coaching would be useful for you.
  • Throughout our coaching relationship, I will provide unlimited e-mail support  to respond to urgent needs or short questions.
  • At the end of our time together, I will create a Summary of Accomplishments  reflecting all you have achieved.

The Giving Ten Program: Supporting Nonprofit Organizations

Open Circle Coaching believes strongly in supporting the nonprofit sector.  Therefore, I will donate 1 hour of coaching to the nonprofit organization of your choice for every 10 hours of contracted coaching. To increase the impact on your nonprofit organization, you may pool your donated hours with friends or other colleagues who are receiving coaching from me.  I believe the transformational power of coaching can pay large dividends to the greater good by supporting the people who serve in the nonprofit sector.